Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk you up

Mark Ronson is an English record producer, musician , singer, former DJ to puff daddy and the step son of English guitarist, song writer and Producer, Mick Jones, from the band “Foreigner” not the Clash (which also had a Mick Jones in their band)!

Mark was born in London and then moved to NY around 10 years old. Hip hop was big during that time and he picked up the scene-y street sound and DJ’d a lot of big events for artists like puff daddy and biggie.

He went on to do magic when he produced, one of my all time favorite albums, “Back to Black”, with the legendary Amy Winehouse.

His new song that he played with Bruno Mars,”Uptown Funk you up”, hit the top of the music charts and is on his new album, where he has collaborated with many different popular artists.

Check out his interview on NPR, click the link below to hear his story.

NPR – Mark Ronson Interview