Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was an American actress that starred in movies like; “Miracle on 34th StreetSplendor in the GrassRebel Without a Cause, and West Side Story.” She started as a Child actress and went on to receive Acadamy Award nominations throughout her career. She was born to Russian parents who immigrated to San Francisco, where she was born. 

Natalie’s first love and first husband was actor, Robert Wagner. After they divorced, she married Richard Gregson, a British producer and Wood became pregnant with their daughter Natasha Gregson in 1970. They seperated soon after when Natalie over heard an inappropriate telephone conversations between her secretary and her husband Richard. In 1972, Wood resumed her relationship with Robert Wagner and they remarried that same year. Their daughter, Courtney Wagner, was born in 1974. They remained married until Natalie passed away seven years later in an undetermined drowning in Catalina Island, California.

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