Pregnancy symptoms

Let’s just get real for a minute…

First off, when pregnancy symptoms begin, you basically feel like you have caught the flu! Most woman will feel morning, noon AND night sickness, at least I did. It wasn’t so severe that I needed medicine but just enough for me to stay in a lot. The exhaustion also kept me home napping most of the time. I didn’t have much of an appetite. I solely survived off of Ritz crackers, apple juice and an occasional snickers! I also have the sniffles although I don’t have a cold, go figure. But the most naseauting of all, are my prenatal vitamins that you have to continue to take during pregnancy. That was the magical first trimester 🙂

Currently, in my second trimester I am feeling much much better. I do sleep less though (with crazy dreams) and my stomach feels obnoxiously bloated. I’m showing! My appetite is better but I can’t eat a lot in one sitting. I can only do small meals throughout the day.  Another new fun symptom I recently discovered is heartburn! If I eat anything remotely spicey, chocolate-y or just too much food in one meal, I will feel the burn!  Here’s an article to help you with that…

heartburn medicines

Since there are many sleepless nights, your body may feel aches and leg cramps. Your hips might feel sore because your uterus is expanding to make more room for your baby, which opens up your hips! More fun stuff!

But besides all of those symptoms, the best feeling of all, is reading about the development of your baby week by week, going to ultra sounds, watching them grow and hearing their speedy little heartbeat. There is NOTHING more magical than that! It makes all the nausea, aches & pains worth it!

I came across this amazing website…

which is an excellent source that lets you know what to expect week by week of your pregnancy. This way you don’t freak out when you feel an unfamiliar symptom. By the way, it’s spot on. Trust me, you’ll love it!

You’re Welcome!