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Elizabeth Taylor Happy & Pregnant

Another gorgeous pregnant photograph of Elizabeth Taylor with husband Michael Todd in 1957. Elizabeth had two sons with husband Michael Wilding. During her marriage to Eddie Fisher, she started the process of adopting a two year old girl from Germany, named Maria.


elizabeth 3




Elizabeth Taylor was born in London to American parents. She is one of the great actresses of Hollywoods Golden age. She was also famous for her glamorous lifestyle and the 8 marriages to 7 different men, (she married one twice) throughout her lifetime. She was known to have dark blue eyes that looked violet. Here in this photograph, she is with husband Michael Todd and is pregnant with their daughter Liza circa 1957.


eliza 1

“I got you babe…”



“I got you babe,” jump started her career as the husband and wife duo with Sonny Bono. Here, CHER, is pregnant with her daughter Chastity Bono in 1969 who went through a gender transition to Chaz in 2008. Cher also had another son named Elijah Blue Allman with her second husband, Gregg Allman in 1976.

The Hills Are Alive…

The talented Julie Andrew’s best known for her role in, “The Sound of Music”, is pregnant here with her daughter Emma Walton in Alderney with the famous composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim’s head on her lap.




Barbra not Barbara

Barbra Streisand wanted to be different but she didn’t want to change her name. She decided she’d be a little rebellious and go from the old Barbara to Barbra. Wow, what a rebel! Lol.

In in this picture, a young pregnant Barbra is with Goddard Lieberson (President of Columbia Records) photographed after a recording session in 1966.