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Acupuncture while TTC

While trying to conceive, many woman look to Western Medicine in hopes that a pill (Clomid) or a surgical procedure (IVF), will give them the quick cure they are looking for. In many other cases, people have used the alternative route of using Eastern Medicine such as acupuncture in order to correct their blood flow and to also align your energy points or what the Hindus call, “Chakras”.

Before any type of invasive surgery or medication prescribed to you by your doctor, I highly recommend checking all natural less invasive options first.

Acupuncture consists of needles being placed on pressure points which help release blood flow as well as release any negative emotions in your spirit. It helps you relax, which is what you need most while trying to conceive.

There are many great Acupuncturists out there and don’t be afraid of trying them.

A great acupuncturist to┬átry is Dr. Gilli, . She’s In Culver City and comes highly recommended for ┬ápatients trying to conceive.