Priscilla Presley

❝On February 1st, 1968, my water broke. We were at Graceland and Elvis was still asleep. Elvis was not a morning person to say the least. He finally awoke and realized the time had come. I found time to do my hair and makeup while he roused the troops. From then on the adventure turns into an episode of I Love Lucy.

“Where’s that box of cigars I bought?”, Elvis asks.

No one knows. No one can find them. Elvis won’t leave without the cigars.

“Who cares about the cigars?”, I ask.

“I do”, he says. “I need to pass out cigars at the hospital”.

Elvis is moving around the house in slow motion while I’m crossing my legs, He finally finds his cigars, but now he’s lulling around the kitchen, getting a bite to eat. Elvis is acting like we’ve all the time in the world. When we finally drive past the Graceland gates, paparazzi are following us. Elvis is amused. But at least we’re speeding ahead. At some point I ask whether we’re headed in the direction of the Baptist Hospital.

“We’re headed towards the Methodist hospital,” says Elvis. “Isn’t that where you’re having the baby?”

“I’m having the baby in this car if we don’t get to the Baptist Hospital.” ❞ —Priscilla Presley