“What the modern world has forgotten about children”

“We still need wisdom, not data, to raise good children.”

I just finished reading this very insightful article that opened my mind up to new possibilities of children’s learning curves.  I always felt that the system was rigged to show us our failures rather than our strengths. Meaning, our schools in the US or at least in California,  does not celebrate the differences of children but makes us follow a guideline of rules that if a child doesn’t follow according to the schools timeline, then the child is a failure to society and is diagnosed with medical terms such as ADHD or dyslexia or myriads of other “failure as a human”, terms created by society.  Even though the child might have strengths in art,  imagery etc. they are not given the right amount of freedom to discover what their true essence or strength is as a child because they are constantly monitored and forced to learn things when their brain might not be ready for that information yet.

There is a natural process of learning to walk and talk and some toddlers might do it sooner than others but we know that children will learn on their own time. That’s how learning in school should be as well. The more we force something the more turned off the child will feel as well as more of a failure and they might not revisit that subject again.

It’s a long article but totally worth it, if you want to expand your mind on children’s learning possibilities.