David Beckham in the making…


“Your baby is the size of a banana!” Lol, well that’s what my app, “What to expect”, says. I’m 21 weeks today and the baby is kicking more than ever before. It almost feels like he never rests but apparently babies at this stage sleep 14 hours a day. Lucky little monkeys! It’s so hard to get a good nights sleep when you’re constricted to sleeping on the right or left side of your body!

I’m hoping all this kicking is training for my sons professional soccer career! Although there are many moms that won’t feel the baby kick, not for another few weeks, it definitely makes it all feel very real now. What’s even more special is that my husband was able to finally feel the baby kick! He placed his hand on my belly and felt a few swift ones. It’s an amazing bonding experience to have with your partner.

My appetite has also increased. Well more like, I get nausea and know it’s time to eat, again! My babies taste buds are all intact. For example, if I eat spicey Mexican food, he will taste it! So it’s more important than ever that I eat healthy foods such as broccoli, carrots etc. because my baby will more likely continue to eat those foods and like them later on.

As for me exercising, I have taken on prenatal yoga 2 times a week because it makes me feel great! Although its a prenatal class, it challenges me and makes me stretch all the parts of my body that ache every morning. I highly recommend it for any pregnant mommy to be. Start slow so you don’t hurt yourself!