The humor in being pregnant!

Things you take for granted when you aren’t preggers:

Parking in a tight spot and being able to slide through your door and their passengers, it’s impossible with a bump!

Tying or buckling your shoes, not happending with a bump!

You no longer get out of bed. You ROLL out of your bed.

Shaving your legs… good luck with that when you can’t even see your toes!

Drinking milk, juice or hmmm just water? Heartburn is coming!

Heaven forbid you catch a cold during your pregnancy, there is no end to your nose running or stuffiness!

Want to sleep flat on your back, stomach or right side? Lol! Sorry hon, only your left side and literally sitting up in bed is recommended!

Try doing pigeon pose in yoga while pregnant, it’s comedy!

How about brushing your teeth when you’re 8 months pregnant, tell me how soaking wet your shirt gets after?!

It’s all hilarious!