Parenthood – the TV series

Regardless if you are pregnant or have children, this show, “Parenthood”, is great for anyone who belongs to a family or wants to make a family. There are so many beautiful lessons throughout the series with the relationships portrayed by these magnificent actors whom will teach you how to love each other with respect and dignity. There was one scene in particular that was filled with awesome advice for a pregnant mom at her baby shower, about to embark on motherhood.

Here is the dialogue that took place during Amber’s baby shower. Her family sat around the table and gave her advice on motherhood. Season 6 episode 14 :

Christina (Aunt-in-law): Motherhood – you’re going to get a lot of curve balls thrown at you. Sometimes they’re going to make you want to run and hide, but my wisdom for you is to embrace those curve balls and to own them.

Julia (Aunt): I know you will do right by your child but you have to also do right for yourself. A huge part of being a mom is being a good role model. Don’t ever give up on your own dreams and don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something.

Jasmine (Aunt-in-law): Don’t ever feel too proud to ask for help, because we are here for you.

Sarah (Mom): no matter what, I will always have your back.

Milly (Grandma): I would say to you that life is short, you can not know how impossibly fast it goes by, so just enjoy this baby, cherish this time, cherish every minute of it.