I’m Pregnant! September 30, 2015

BIG FAT POSITIVE! I woke up that morning and just like every other month, I grabbed my last remaining digital pregnancy test and hoped for the best. To my shocking surprise, it said… “pregnant”.  Completely and utterly stunned, I called the nurse immediately and asked when I can come in for a blood test. I went in right away but she said they wouldn’t have the result back from the lab until 4 or 5pm. Mind you, it’s 10am now and I have no idea how I’m going to wait 6/7 hours to find out if I am indeed preggers or if my home pregnancy test was just a fluke!

As I restlessly went on with my day, I finally got the call from the nurse at 4:30pm… and the words came out of her mouth like honey…”You are pregnant”!

The feeling I had when I heard those words was complete happiness. I was still shocked of course but I had a gigantic smile on my face that nothing could wipe it away. All of the failed attempts month after month and finally these words I’ve been waiting for are finally here; “You are pregnant”!

Months ago I had decided to have a plan ready for when I finally got pregnant to tell my husband and my parents. It started with our chalkboard in the kitchen, where I wrote: “Bun in the oven, Bake at 98.6 Degrees for 9 months, take out June 7, 2016.  Next, I put out two Dr. Suess books that I previously bought for this occasion, “Oh, the places you’ll go” and “Dr. Suess’s ABC”.  I left both books on our dining table and placed the ABC one on top. When my husband came home,  I sat him at the table and told him to open the ABC book. He was totally clueless to what I was up to and said, “What’s this all about?!” As he turned the pages from A to B… he saw it.. I circled the word BABY and wrote “we are having a baby”! It took him a minute and he looked up at me and said, “REALLY?”. I said yes, really, we are having a baby!! He was even more shocked than I was.. he couldn’t stop saying “really” and then turned to the chalk board and realized the new menu I put up. He was so happy of course but still astonished.

Next were the parents! I had bought these ultra cute baby faux lambskin booties with bows on them and went over to my parents house with my husband that night. We handed them the box and as my dad opened it, he turned to my mom and said, “is this what I think it means?” My mom said, “I don’t know.. is it true?” YES, we said. We are pregnant! My sister was just as happy to hear the news and I had everyone promise to keep it a secret until I hit 3 months and was in the clear!