Second trimester ups & downs

Kick kick kick! I think my baby is going to be a soccer player ?. It’s such a surreal feeling or experience and almost indescribable. I wish my husband could feel it but when he put his hand on my belly, he can’t yet. I love feeling the baby move or kick because I know that their healthy and just stretching their limbs and it shows me that I have a strong baby! I started feeling the baby kick around 17/18 weeks and it’s made the pregnancy a lot more real now!

One of the best things about the second trimester is that the morning I became 4 months pregnant all the nausea was gone. It was like magic! I got my energy back and was able to leave the house more and didn’t feel as tired as I  had felt those first three months.

It’s not all fun & games in the second trimester! Now in my 20th week of pregnancy (5 months), I’m starting to get back pains as well as sharp Ciatica pains shoot down my spine. It’s harder to sleep since you can’t really sleep on your back anymore and can only sleep on your sides. It’s recommended that you sleep on your left side for better blood flow to the baby which can put a lot of pressure on your body.

Thats why I’m starting prenatal yoga today! ? I’m excited to start stretching and moving around again. I’ve been going on short walks but I really need a more intense but safe work out and hopefully I’ll get that today. It’s a great way to get your body ready for delivery and was highly recommended by my doctor.

Get moving! Keep your body in shape so you feel strong and healthy in your third trimester! (I’m talking to myself)