Arcade Fire Reflektor Tour

I have been a die hard fan of “Arcade Fire” ever since they came out with their album, “Funeral” in 2004. Ten years later, they are still on the scene since in 2011 they won a Grammy and have blown up surpassing any mediocre one hit wonder, trendy indie rock band and have been certifiably recognized for their true indie rock talent.  I have to say though, they were going strong for a while with SOLID albums like; “Funeral, “Neon Bible” and “the Suburbs” but this last album “Reflektor”, has only about a few good songs while the others are just fillers for the abum. It’s not solid and although it breaks my heart that they weren’t able to meet my expectations of their genius musically gifted past, they were still able to put on a badass show!

Seeing them play live yet again was worth all of those surcharges on ticketmaster as well as rip-off stubhub. It’s a BIG band of people, with two drummers (one’s the lead singers wife) and various instruments that keep you going. This tour specifically had a cool mirrored man reflecting light off of him and back onto the crowd. There was also a DJ playing on the sound stage across from the band and during the show Regine Chassagne (Win Butler’s wife) surprised the crowd appearing on the small stage giving people who have crappy seats a chance to see the performance up close.

It turned into a huge dance party that continued past Arcade Fire’s performance.

IMG_2727        IMG_2737