The musically gifted Sia

So you’re in your car driving and you turn on the radio. Suddenly amongst all of the noise, a song comes on that completely rocks your inner core! You might be thinking, wow I wish I was able to make music like this singer! Little do you know that the singer not only didn’t create the lyrics or the instrumental but they definitely didn’t create the melody & style it was sang in either! In this case, the singer is really just someone who is a good performer with very rarely a good voice to go along with it. They are usually looking for fame and don’t have the creative edge to make their own music but they might have the vocals and ambition to carry them to stardom. These singers need a song writer as well as someone to lead them through the harmony. This is where Sia comes in. She is apart of the “behind the scenes”, music world working on the songs that you love, sang by people other than the creator herself!

Sia is a singer songwriter (a real one) who hid from the spotlight for decades. Her career took off when she sang in the band Zero 7 on their 2006 album, “The Garden”. Her last unforgettable hit Breathe Me played at the end of the show “Six feet under” and she has only recently come to the surface since with her latest song Chandelier, which made it to the top of the international music charts. This song is much more than just another “Pop” song on the radio. Sia wrote this song originally to sell to Rhianna or other pop artists that she usually writes for but she decided that it was much too personal to give it up and kept it for herself. After-all, it’s her song and it’s about her! In the video, “Chandelier”, an 11 year old dancer Maddie Ziegler performed an out of this world performance. Sia helped choreograph the dance. The scene takes place in a sad crumby apartment with dull colors and depressing kid drawings on the wall, while Maggie plays out the songs darkness with her upbeat beautiful ballet, modern and contemporary hip hop dance steps that can come off pretty creepy at times. It is really a genius piece of work! 

Sia’s story is pretty remarkable and you can find her talking about it on the Howard Stern Show. It’s an hour long but if you’re into the back story of all of your favorite pop songs, you will be shocked to know that Sia is behind them. She wrote “Diamonds in the Sky” sang by Rhianna, as well as “Titanium” and so many others that you will find a whole new level of respect for this talented woman!

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